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I have created two new blogs. One is called Technological Fantasies, after an old web site of mine. The ability to find compatible people for social relationships and to find jobs or places to live or the best education for a specific person is indeed a technological fantasy. For the difficulty of achieving this but the extremely valuable consequences of doing so, see the first post in this FindCompatibles blog.

The second new blog is called Practical Immortality after the name of a field guide in a large novel I have written. If anything can be called a Technological Fantasy, then this surely is. But I claim it is achievable, or will be in the near future. As with other important projects, I believe that the first step is to find compatible people to work on it. Finding Compatibles is my panacea, the solution to all problems. I hope someone will disagree with this — it would be so nice to be able to defend it.


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