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I have two other blogs, which should be mentioned again. If anyone has other blogs which might be related to this one (or the other two) please advertise them here.

The first of my blogs is FindCompatibles. It describes something much harder to do than anyone seems to imagine, almost impossible, except for those who think it is trivially easy.
The ability to find truly compatible social relationships, jobs, and other important aspects of a person’s social environment is truly important, important but difficult. In the first post on that blog I outline the difficulties and the extraordinary advantages of a way of finding compatibles.
Please look at that post and others. I would especially like to hear from people who disagree with what I have said there.

The second of my blogs is Practical Immortality, a technological fantasy if ever there was one.
I think it can be more than just a fantasy, hence the word ‘Practical’. Don’t believe me? Let me know, please.


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