more about the Sex-Politics-Religion blog

For the blog Sex-Politics-Religion and the related category here, I want discussions of sex, politics and religion, the “sensitive” topics that I was told never discuss in polite conversation. What other topics matter as much as these? Well, technology does. See my Technological Fantasies blog on this site for that subject. Death matters. I don’t believe death needs to be final. See my Practical Immortality blog on this site for more information. Here are links, for easy access. Please see these blogs:

FindCompatibles devoted to matching people with friends, lovers, jobs, places to live and so on, but doing so in ways that will actually work, using good math, good algorithms, good analysis.

Technological Fantasies devoted to future stuff, new ideas, things that might be invented or might happen, such as what is listed above and below.

Practical Immortality yes, practical immortality. Don’t write this off as
insanity, please. See the first entry in the blog first.

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