Plans for this blog

A blog is often just a personal blog, for use by the person who created it, even if it allows other to post. A personal blog is a good thing, and if there comes a time when this Social Technology blog needs to be less personal and more like an “official blog” for this website, I will then create a personal one. In the meanwhile I will use this blog as if it was just my personal one, which is legitimate, since almost all my work is about Social Technology and almost everything I want to write about fits here nicely.

But on the other hand I do want to de-personalize or de-egoize the website where this blog lives, so it is less of a personal statement. What I enjoy most is reading or writing, especially the writing of novels, and work on my website and on blogs is a distraction. I would rather not be doing it. And I do not want people to be interested in me, I want them interested in the ideas. So I want everything to look less like my creation and more like a genuine topic-devoted or organizational website.

But maintaining multiple blogs is a nuisance, and I need a place to post comments like this one. So for the time being I will just use this as a personal blog, updating it daily with information or musings on whatever I am doing.

I just hope someone will find the topic itself interesting and push this blog in the direction of being an actual Social Technology blog.


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