One more web page, one more chapter

A new subdomain and new web page in it have been created, mostly to serve as targets for URLs given in the online novel. The novel will refer many times to the URL  and will explain why this is the main website for the important Technological Fantasies organization.  The one web page now visible from that URL is simply a placeholder, explaining why it is there, but also pointing out that it could be a useful site for the actual discussion of imagined future technology.

I have posted Chapter Four of the online novel Social Tech High on the blog devoted to that novel, at which is yet another subdomain, but will (for the time being) contain only that blog.

Note that I will try to keep to my rule of a blog post a day per blog for the 3 blogs in use, this one, the one given above, and the Software Development blog at Software Development — which now has several posts of some possible interest on it.  I’ll try to keep to this resolution tomorrow (Saturday, since it is still before midnight PST), but that there will be no output from me on Sunday, since I will be on one of the Gulf Islands near Vancouver Island, attending a party for my father’s 90th birthday, not something that happens every day.  — dpw

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