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On the software development blog at Software Development I have switched my attention from data massage and related topics to data merging especially at the local, individual level, with much discussion of data security.

I have posted Chapter Five of the online novel Social Tech High on the blog devoted to that novel, at which is yet another subdomain, but will (for the time being) contain only that blog.   The new domain to created to as a target for URLs in the novel is not yet on the domain name servers, though oddly enough the wordpress blog on that domain works.   I have no intention of using that blog for little more than a few brief mentions of character and plot developments.

Source: Wikipedia

Source: Wikipedia

Note that I have been keeping to my rule of a blog post a day per blog for the 3 blogs in use, this one, the one given above, and the Software Development blog at Software Development — which now has several posts of some possible interest on it.  I do have to miss one day.  The next output from me will be on Monday, since Sunday will be on one of the Gulf Islands, near Vancouver Island, which is across Georgia Strait from the city of Vancouver.   I will be attending a party for my father’s 90th birthday, and enjoying a chance to visit with several relative, some of which I have not seen in a very long time.  — dpw

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