New Domain Up, New Chapter, AI question

The new domain is now available, with just a single page on it.   A new blog post on contains Chapter Six of the online novel, Social Tech High, which shows for the first time some dialogue with a user.   This looks something like AI, which I claim it is not.   I feel uncomfortable anytime a person mentions AI, which reminds me of the poor performance of the MIT Artificial Intelligence Laboratory.   This dialogue represents no more than the output of a natural language interface to a very large question and answer database of Social Survey and related data, most of it to be newly collected with better survey instruments and just such a natural language interface program.   But my post on the Software Development blog at Software Development does consider some questions about AI, especially the one about whether this natural language interface and the huge database it represents could actually be used to implement an artificial intelligence.  I provide hints about how to prevent this from degenerating into an ELIZA vs. PARRY viscious circle feedback loop, and end up with a very qualified maybe.  — dpw

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