Using the Python on the WLS data, while still writing fiction

As noted on the software development blog at Software Development I have picked out a data set for prototyping work, the Wisconsin Longitudinal Study, which I last experimented with in 2002 and found very useful.  Now I play some serious prototyping with the data I have downloaded, actually doing some coding, despite my earlier resolutions to do a lot of analysis and design first.   Yeah, yeah, I’ll do all the “paperwork”, too, but it is boring, and I can’t resist a bit of “real work”.   Meanwhile I continue to write my online novel, which continues to mention ways of using such data, but it remains unclear (to the reader, I hope, and maybe even to me) whether the social software might actually be just an excuse to write the story or if the story is a way of sugarcoating software analysis and design, as I claim I originally intended.  Whichever you might think it is, the latest installment, Chapter Seven, is at the top of my story blog at — dpw

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