Am I Offending the Social Survey People?

I fear I may be offending the social survey people who just might read some of the posts on my blog at Software Development  making what are almost demand, proposing standards, complaining about what the professionals have done.  This is not my intention, even though I really do not like what the social scientists do, and most especially don’t like what the social survey people do.  As I repeatedly say, what I am interested in is technology, not science, though in general I do have a great respect for scientists and their work.   But the social scientists of today seem to be ignoring the potential uses of what they collect, unaware of its technological significance.   This I cannot understand.   I am tempted to say things that may further offend the social survey people, but that is not fair.   Well, it is fair to complain about the practice of hiding raw data by combining it into constructed variables, isn’t it?   Where did they ever get the idea that they should do that?

The latest chapter of my online novel, being posted in installments at contains descriptions of some entirely new social technology, which I hope may interest some.  I have also put the reverse-chronological blog posts, which would be a great nuisance to newcomers, though ideal for regular readers, into pages too, which can be read in chronological order.  — dpw

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