More on Social Survey Data Postpones More Discussion of Its Use in Social Technology

I just don’t have quite enough time to deal with all that I should be doing, and I also don’t want to swamp potential readers with posts that are too long, so more discussions of how social survey data can be used in social technology will just have to wait.  My latest post at Software Development talks about turning a surveys coded variables into a huge matrix, and explores ways of extracting the most useful columns of that matrix, and/or applying data massage techniques such as predictive correction to work with it.

Chapter Eleven of my online installment-by-installment novel about social technology, Social Tech High is available on , both as a blog post and a static page which can be grabbed from a list of chapters in chronological order.   It discusses an item of social hardware for the first time.   More about that in the next post, which will begin a discussion of what a network of handheld devices based on neural network chipsets might be like.  — dpw

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