Brief Delay, But Some Luck With Data

Well, I missed a day yesterday, just not enough time to get things done.   I didn’t finish yesterday’s installment of the online novel at until today because it was difficult to write.  I don’t know why.   A bit of more ordinary stuff about the school, Social Tech High, to remind people that it is a school, some things about linking other important people into the school with short chains, some stuff about hardware for improving videoconferencing, and then the question of changing the way the school is funded, to allow it to spread out and pull in people from around the world.  Makes better reading in the chapter itself, I hope.

I didn’t have time to post on the software development blog at Software Development either, but I got a short post out today, giving some information about a few useful variables found in the Wisconsin Longitudinal Study.   Possibly useful interpersonal compatibility ones, though few and far from ideal, plus much better career and job ones.   —  dpw

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