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Just another short note about the online novel I am writing in daily installments, a fairly long chapter a day.  I always give the URL  even though I just gave it in the last post, because who knows might stumble on this somewhere.   It is http://SocialTechNovel.SocialTechnology.ca/ and refers to a school, which has a fictional webstite (with a real doman and front page) at http://www.SocialTechHigh.org/ and is supposedy the work of the fictional organization, with again a real site, at http://TechnologicalFantasies.SocialTechnology.ca/

I just wanted to point out out how absolutely wierd it is to be writing a novel in installments.  For one thing, once they are out there, they are out there, except for possible minor edits, or complete deletion, which I will not do.   I now have 16 chapters written an published as posts on my blog at the site given about.  It is so odd to be turning out a complete novel, chapter by chapter, with no revisions.  Normally what I do is start somewhere, which might be in the middle, then work forwards and backwards, adding prequels and infills and sequals to what I have written, till it looks more or less finished.  Then I start at the beginning, reading it carefully and fixing what doesn’t work.   I do that many many times, perhaps 30 times.  During each iteration, the novel grows, but does in general improve, partially because after a dozen times or so I have it almost memorized, and can just write new stuff with a full mental image of the whole thing.

This new installment-by-installment online novel is entirely different.  I can’t stand to read it without making major changes, so I don’t read it so much.  Basically, I just read the last couple of chapters again, keep some memory of the whole thing, which I refresh occasionally, then go on and write more.  It is all so strange.   Rather a lot of fun, a lot of work, but worth doing.  I have no idea if anyone will ever read it.  — dpw

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