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A chapter or two away from finishing the online novel Social Tech High at and I have already started a new one, the sequel.  The first chapter has not been posted yet, but it will be done the cheap way, as a redirected domain, which redirects to a subdomain on this site.  That will let me use the URL in the novel, just as I acquired an acquired an actual website, so that it could be mentioned in the novel.  The first of these novels has Sally Aston agreeing to a post-secondary extension of Social Tech High only if it named something completely different, is located in a different part of the city, and does not in any way advertise that it is such an extension — she wants her students to have no excuse not to go to a real university.   So, she would not tolerate the existence of a Social Tech University.   Ah, but don’t count that out.   Maybe a sequel to this sequel will be just such a thing.   To be on the safe side, I have registered which at the moment redirects to the same subdomain as the other.   Just to be sure, I registered the dot-com equivalents, too.  I don’t want someone else to have them.  — dpw

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