Elgg Flaw Catastrophe, and New Novel

There is a flaw somewhere in the version of Elgg I had downloaded (and rarely used), or a security hole, something, which made the program make a vast number of accesses to my MySQL database.  This was so bad it was slowing down the host and affecting everyone, so I had my account suspended!  An interesting problem, since without access to the account I could not remove Elgg and correct the problem, but I got the SysAdmin to lift the suspension and I am back online, having removed Elgg completely.  Wow, what a mess!  I hope nothing like that happens again.  (No, I don’t know what version of Elgg it was, sorry, but be careful, whatever version you use.  Keep an eye on your MySQL usage.)

On a happier note, having finished and posted the last chapter of the Social Tech High online novel, at http://SocialTechNovel.SocialTechnology.ca/ I have now moved on and and posted the first chapter of its sequel, Connected College, at http://www.ConnectedCollege.org/ — a domain name I grabbed because, hey, who knows, the ideas in the novel might someday be implemented, I’d sure like to work towards that, and it is a nice name.   — dpw

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