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I cannot resist giving away my fiction, especially when it is relevant to something I’m trying to say.  For my new languages and linguistics website, Natural, Artificial and Non-Arbitrary Languages, which deals with ordinary languages, constructed languages, mathematics, music and a possible non-arbitrary language, at, I have been posting drastically revised sections from my lengthy novels, The Green Family Chronicles and Technological Fantasies, somewhat the same text also to be found in the composite Social Techs.  These books are discussed on a post on this site,

The first two chapters of the novel about non-arbitrary languages, Nothing Arbitrary About It have been posted on that new languages site.  The first one is based on text from Technological Fantasies and is called Acronyms.  It is about an acronymic language.  The second chapter is based on text from The Green Family Chronicles and is called Arbitrary.  It is about a fictional project to create a non-arbitrary language.  Relevant to Social Technology is the explanation by Ken Green about the reason that a world language is needed — to increase the size of the pool of candidates used for interpersonal and career matching purposes.    I hope these chapters might interest someone.  There are constructed language enthusiasts out there who might find new ideas there.

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