I got this message from a friend:

"Thanks Mr. Douglas,,for ur standing with us ,,and I think u'r a honest person I respect ur thoughts and ask u to do ur best to inform and broadcast ,telecast this message to The Human Rights Org. Please help the Egyptian people and support them ,we'r call for our freedom through a peaceful demonstrations to get ride of all kind of torture and the government now cut all means of telecommunications.facebook,

twitter .internet repairing to salaugt the un armed people they use all kind of repression and all kind of arms we are now bleeding .they trying to damage our country through burn and rape all storse and banks .we arrest maney of them and descover that they belong tn the police all of them detectives in the police ,please do ur best to inform all kinds of media and show the right picture of the dectator Mubark,we all muslims and christians bleeding together under this un humanity and wild treatments "‎


I believe in freedom from oppression and I believe in human rights.  I hope everyone will take this message to heart and try to help.  — dpw


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