Controversial Social Tech of the Future

I have written mostly about the benefits of future social technology.  Once we get past the stage where social media decreases the desirable signal-to-noise ratio, there will be a stage in which our social environment will include fewer but better connections.  However, there is a problem with this.  Some of the technology to will have shocking abilities, changing the way society works much more than the personal computer and cell phone have done.

There are some people with an astonishing ability to tell if others are lying.  Ordinary people can do this with the aid of laboratory equipment for voice-stress analysis and sophisticated facial recognition software.  What is now done in the laboratory with equipment costing tens of thousands of dollars will soon be available in devices the size and shape of smartphones.

Imagine, if you can, holding a video-conversation with someone, using a device which could indicate in real time whether the other person is telling the truth!

I have written briefly about this on an applications development page.  At the time I was addressing the advantages of such an application: it could be used in a dating or employment finding situation, to verify that the stranger on the other end of the conversation was telling the truth.  But what if that person is a friend or family member?

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