Page Changes and Use of Posts

I have recently changed the website’s front page from one on Past and Present to one that is at the same time more and less specific.  It is more specific in that it features my newest work, which is about Very Large Scale Social Data Collection using Recursive Exhaustion.  It is less specific since it addresses the question of pages vs. posts and the use of the (wonderful) Google XML Sitemaps plugin.  This post originates in my determination to use many more posts and create fewer new pages.  My old front page is still available, but is no longer the one which first appears when you visit my site.

Though I now believe more in posts, it does still seem better to greet the visitor with a static front page.  In this case the front page is most significant because it occurs in the signature line on every email I write.  Whether the current one is actually appropriate for the casual visitor is an open question, but why not try?

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