A bit about Doug

Douglas Pardoe Wilson

August 5, 1949 – March 11, 2019

Doug grew up in North Vancouver, British Columbia, where he was an omnivorous reader and outstanding student with a penchant for math and science. He attended Simon Fraser University from its opening in the 1960s through most of the 70s. Something of a polymath, Doug took a wide-ranging undergraduate degree and then a Masters Degree, and subsequently went on to work for the aerospace firm McDonald Dettwiler in space-based imaging and satellite surveillance as a software engineer and analyst.

From his early years, Doug had a brilliant and wide-ranging mind which took him into various realms, including a love of music, particularly pipe organ music. Not content to be just a listener, he took on a massively complex volunteer project in his 20s of trying to rescue the huge pipe organ at the Holy Rosary Cathedral in Vancouver, as the organ had fallen into disrepair. Over his latter years he worked to elaborate on his social theories and genealogy projects, tracing the family tree well back beyond the Norman conquest.

He was a profuse writer producing numerous unpublished works of fiction and non-fiction, and dozens of websites exploring solutions to social issues. In 1999 a British organization honoured him with its award for the Best Social Innovation of the Year for his application of mathematics to social problems.

Doug could be persuasive and inspiring, or argumentative and contrary, and he had a wicked sense of humour. He could declaim prodigiously on almost any subject and as the audience you would get glimpses of his vast technical knowledge. His sudden loss is hard to accept and he will be missed.