Did I get Anything Right?

I think so, but to find it among the mass of nonsense will take some work  — that will take time, but I am trying.

If you agree that there is something wrong with human society and can manage to find a bit of optimism, please read some of what you will find here, on my other websites and on my social media contributions.  Mistakes aside, I honestly think I know how to fix things.  We invented ourselves into this mess, and we can invent ourselves out of it.  I know how.

Over the years I have more and more felt myself co-extensive with a few key ideas.  Not the work I’ve done on them, but the ideas themselves.  Perhaps they can be salvaged, even if I got all of the details wrong.

For example, I came up with the idea that the structure of society would be changed completely if it became easy to find near-perfect interpersonal connections such as love and friendship.  It would change completely if it became easy to find the best possible job for you.  Both of these must be easy for the users, but will be difficult to implement, involving such things as weighted bipartite matching algorithms.

That is a key idea.  And it is correct.  But based on it, I wrote a lot of erroneous fiction.  People who had found my prose impenetrable challenged me to express it in fictional form, and I responded with long novels which betrayed the basic idea.  The books are entertaining in places, but the supposed implementations of the concept are nonsense, as are the social implications.

There are some vague hints of the underlying notions, though, so I may try to do something to salvage this fiction.  I’d hate to abandon the characters and some of the events portrayed, which still appeal to me enormously.  See my books site for more information.

As well as my idea about the social changes which could result from giving individuals an easy way to drastically improve their social environment, I have had a few other ideas of great importance to me.   I think they are correct.  Within the mass of nonsense I have written, I can confidently single out these profoundly improbable ideas as good ones.

Perhaps the most profound is the notion that the human brain is basically a linear system.  To anyone who understands what that means, the idea will seem to be nonsense.  Perhaps it is.  To investigate, look at my linearity site.

Also seeming to be nonsense is my notion that there can be a language composed entirely of acronyms.  I can defend the idea of an acronymic language surprising well, using information theory.

There is a strange connection between the acronymic language idea and my notion that one can use definitions as a foundation for mathematics.  The latter is so hard to defend that I will not even put a link to it here.

So far, all I have done is list ideas which I might be able to defend.   That leaves 19 websites and 21 subdomain sites to justify.  Hard to do.  I will probably end up labeling them as nonsense.

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