Alphabetical List of Websites

This page is about my websites.  Right now these are a mess and full of mistakes, but I’m trying to clean them up and throw out the nonsense.  I’ll post progress reports on my blogs when I make any improvements, which will be erratic at best.  Priority will be given to those websites accessible through their own domain names.  Some sites have to be accessed indirectly through others.

It is now over 40 years since I developed some key ideas.  I still believe these are important and have the potential to significantly improve human society.  About 20 years ago I tried to communicate these ideas on an Internet mailing list.  Soon thereafter I set up a website for the same purpose.  Now I have several websites, but they attract little or no attention.

I have far too many websites, and against my better judgement have just created another one, — intended to communicate some of the more technical aspects of the theories I developed 40 years ago.  It is intended to be part of a network of sites, each concentrating on one key idea.  I will post information on my attempts to link these sites together when I make any.

To start with, here is a list of my existing websites:

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