New Tool can Make Society Work or Destroy It

The most recent tool for use in Social Technology is Recursive Exhaustion, which can be used for the very large scale collection of social data.  This data can (and will) be collected automatically without people’s knowledge or permission.  It can collect information on people who do not use computers.  It can collect information on people whose friends and family do not us computers.

On the one hand, this could be a very good thing.  Having a lot of information about poor people or refugees in distant countries could make it possible to direct governmental and non-governmental aid to the most needy without delay.  It could also be used for all the other worthy goals discussed on these websites.  On the other hand there would be a complete loss of privacy.  Individuals would be wide open to blackmail and intimidation.

I hope that this is not already being done.  It is almost impossible to stop except by using it under extreme legal conditions to find the people abusing it.

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Page Changes and Use of Posts

I have recently changed the website’s front page from one on Past and Present to one that is at the same time more and less specific.  It is more specific in that it features my newest work, which is about Very Large Scale Social Data Collection using Recursive Exhaustion.  It is less specific since it addresses the question of pages vs. posts and the use of the (wonderful) Google XML Sitemaps plugin.  This post originates in my determination to use many more posts and create fewer new pages.  My old front page is still available, but is no longer the one which first appears when you visit my site.

Though I now believe more in posts, it does still seem better to greet the visitor with a static front page.  In this case the front page is most significant because it occurs in the signature line on every email I write.  Whether the current one is actually appropriate for the casual visitor is an open question, but why not try?

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Another Experiment

I doubt that anyone is following this, but if so, you missed a post in which I complained that Twitter got two copies of the last post, then said I would try removing the link to Jetpack.  Well that didn’t work, neither Facebook nor Twitter got the message. So this time I’m removing the link from Yoast.

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Well, That Didn’t Work, Two Copies on Twitter

OK, let’s try disconnecting Jetpack from Twitter.

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Testing Social Media Posting Again

This is a very very very old image of me, done with a ballpoint pen by my father, who is now 96, by the way.  There is no real excuse for posting it here, except that I wanted to add some image to this post, which I’m creating for the purpose of testing links to Twitter and Facebook.

dpw pen sketch by dpw (circa 1994)

What I am hoping to do is get one and only one entry on each medium.  That’s harder than it seems.  Yoast and Jetpack connect with Twitter, Twitter connects with Facebook, and Facebook connects back to Twitter.  Last time I checked I was getting one copy of each, but who know if that will still work.  Why do I bother?  Nobody seems to read anything anyway.  Well, I don’t want to feel I’m not trying.

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Still Working On Websites, Now Using Yoast

I have an appalling number of websites, and have been going through them one by one, updating passwords, making sure I have the right plugins for WordPress, choosing the right options and optimizations.  I’ve done about a dozen of them now, maybe have of the worthwhile ones, but keep discovering new things to do.  Adding them as properties on the Google Search Console, verifying my ownership of them, generating and uploading sitemaps, all of that stuff.  An enormous amount of work.  Just when I thought I had a handle on the various steps I discovered the Social options of Yoast, which seems worth a try.  Let’s see what happens after I post this post.

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Recent Website Work

I have been working on my websites a lot lately, which includes creating several new ones.  Notable are MakingSocietyWork, DecisionMakingAndEstimation, ErrorCovariance, BipartiteMatching and ContentManagement.  I have added these sites because I am now attempting to put together a network of sites, one for each of the main ideas behind what I am calling the SocialSystemsProject.

Whether anything come of this or not will depend on public reception of my sites.  I am not expecting any.  There are just too many other websites out there, too many distractions, and people just don’t care.

Well, all I can do is work away at it and hope.

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Controversial Social Tech of the Future

I have written mostly about the benefits of future social technology.  Once we get past the stage where social media decreases the desirable signal-to-noise ratio, there will be a stage in which our social environment will include fewer but better connections.  However, there is a problem with this.  Some of the technology to will have shocking abilities, changing the way society works much more than the personal computer and cell phone have done.

There are some people with an astonishing ability to tell if others are lying.  Ordinary people can do this with the aid of laboratory equipment for voice-stress analysis and sophisticated facial recognition software.  What is now done in the laboratory with equipment costing tens of thousands of dollars will soon be available in devices the size and shape of smartphones.

Imagine, if you can, holding a video-conversation with someone, using a device which could indicate in real time whether the other person is telling the truth!

I have written briefly about this on an applications development page.  At the time I was addressing the advantages of such an application: it could be used in a dating or employment finding situation, to verify that the stranger on the other end of the conversation was telling the truth.  But what if that person is a friend or family member?

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Some Visual Links

Click on the image to go to the new Social Technology site:

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A website about languages including programs, data and fiction is at:

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Natural, Artificial and Non-Arbitrary LanguagesA website about the fictitious Green Family which appears in so much of the author’s fiction is at:

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Green Family CorporationA complete online novel about the application of social technology in a high-school is:

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Social Tech High

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I got this message from a friend:

"Thanks Mr. Douglas,,for ur standing with us ,,and I think u'r a honest person I respect ur thoughts and ask u to do ur best to inform and broadcast ,telecast this message to The Human Rights Org. Please help the Egyptian people and support them ,we'r call for our freedom through a peaceful demonstrations to get ride of all kind of torture and the government now cut all means of telecommunications.facebook,

twitter .internet repairing to salaugt the un armed people they use all kind of repression and all kind of arms we are now bleeding .they trying to damage our country through burn and rape all storse and banks .we arrest maney of them and descover that they belong tn the police all of them detectives in the police ,please do ur best to inform all kinds of media and show the right picture of the dectator Mubark,we all muslims and christians bleeding together under this un humanity and wild treatments "‎


I believe in freedom from oppression and I believe in human rights.  I hope everyone will take this message to heart and try to help.  — dpw


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