I have on the web four e-books, in chronological order by date writen, they are The Green Family Chronicles, Technological Fantasies and Harmony and Matching   plus the huge Social Techs, which was made by combining GFC with the two others.  At one time I chose to remove these huge books from the web.  My intention in writing them was never to promote any kind of sexuality, just to explore certain ideas.  But I noted that the books went beyond my intentions and could be viewed as mildly pornographic in places. Rather than defend the innocence of the books, it seemed wiser to just remove them. Since then they have been returned to the web.

The last version of The Green Family Chronicles is available in one huge PDF file, 15 megabytes, at http://www.SocialTechnology.ca/greenfam.pdf and one should note the website http://www.GreenFamilyCorporation.com/ which is for the fictional organization represented in the novel.   The “photos” on that website front page are of Ken Green, his daughter Beth Green, and Beth’s mother, Sarah Rivers, respectively.

Technological Fantasies is available in four volumes as PDF files, all in one downloadable zip file, http://www.SocialTechnology.ca/books2pdf.zip — which also includes Harmony and Matching, as an extra.  One can download Harmony and Matching by itself as http://www.SocialTechnology.ca/handm5.pdf — which does not include the sequel, by the way.

Note that these two books have corresponding websites: http://www.TechFantasies.org/ and  http://www.HarmonyMatching.org/.

The ultimate book is Social Techs, which combines all three of the others into a single universe and timeline, putting them altogether with added material, including the sequel (The Matches and the World)  to Harmony and Matching.  This social technology website might itself correspond to Social Techs, the way the  other ones are for the earlier books.

You may download Social Techs as one large zip file, at http://www.SocialTechnology.ca/socialtechsnovel.zip which contains text files for a number of individual years.  Read in order, they are the novel.  That’s not very convenient, but will have to do for now.

Best coverage of the topics here is in Technological Fantasies, which is more approachable because it is in four volumes.   Easy to read is Harmony and Matching, in part a pleasant romance. It is quite innocent throughout. There is a sequel, which has many more good ideas in it, but is not quite so innocent. That book will not be on available on the web, separate from the others.   All of its content is in Social Techs, however.

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