Making Society Work

It is my intention to tell you exactly how to make society work.  So how do you want to hear it?  The technical details.  Or the easily accessible version?

Let me just say that there are technical details, and say where to find them.  Look at my Error Covariance and Social Network Optimization websites.  They are sketchy, for more information you will have to look at other websites in my large network of them, or browse my main site, Social Technology.  Eventually the links on my Social Mathematics will point to more substantial content and serve as an entry point to people in the Social Systems Project.   OK?  Now for the easily accessible version.

What if it was easy to find a truly compatible spouse who would stay with you as long as you both shall live?  What if it was easy to find the right job, the best for this stage of your live, then the best ones for the stages that follow?  Please look at my Relationships site, though it may be a bit too technical for some.  Oh, not really, it just sounds a bit technical.

So what if?  What if it was easy to find what you need.  In brief, what if it was easy to place yourself in the right social environment?

More important, what if it was possible for everyone to find the right social environment?  Well, it would make society work.  Yes it would.  But that is just the beginning.  Society can not just work, it can work well.

I have written much about that, and you should be able to find it on my websites — oh, but wait a minute, finding things is difficult.  Even with Google it is hard to find what you really need to read, what you most want to read.  Suppose it was easy to find just the right content for you?  The very best ten pages, perhaps, and not one single one more.  No overdose of information, just the best.  For now you will have to search.  I’ll put up links to my own pages and other relevant ones later.  As soon as I can.