Recent Work — Recursive Exhaustion

I am including the term Recursive Exhaustion in the title of this page because it refers to the most significant thing I have ever discovered.  Or rediscovered, who knows?  The banner image for that website describes it main use:  Large Scale Social Data Collection.  The actual domain name better reflects the potentially dangerous algorithm employed.

At this particular moment the term “exhaustion” seems particularly relevant because updating my (too many!) websites is leaving me completely worn out.  It is something I do on a regular basis because plugins and other WordPress constituents need updating, but this time I am updating the contents of various pages, as well as adding new pages and posts.

Another reason for updating websites is to keep Google and other search engines treating them as active sites.  The best way to do this is by adding new posts.  I have hitherto made little use of posting because my material seemed best on pages, especially the front page.  But there are many advantages of using posts, especially since the (wonderful) Google XML Sitemaps plugin is attuned for their use.  Posts always seemed to me as hiding text in obscure places, but that’s only true for someone who comes to your site and explores it.  Few people actually do that.  Using a search engine and jumping directly to a post is more common.

As I continue updating my sites I may update this page, but more likely I will add references to the new content as posts.

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